Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Short one tonight as I've just got back from working my arse off in the pub. Suffering for my art with backache from serving, earache from listening, and heartache from falling in love with a tall blonde. A saucy piece in jeans and a black 'Fcuk' T-shirt - got my Cnut all excited! However she didn't even notice me.

So how to get over the rejection? Some would reach for a hot cup of Bournville but I choose the hot taste of pornville. Lots of sites in my favourites but I try a new one:, I came across it (har har har) whilst viewing my fellow bloggers. A nice looking chap (looking more like a young professor than a pornographer) offers lots of pics and some free movies - just a couple of minutes but strangely satisfying.

It obviously very sunny in the USA as nobody is wearing anything at all. Some ladies have dropped something and are bending over looking for it on the floor whilst other ladies seem to have lost something extremely important to them and are seeking it deep in the orifices of other ladies. On the movie (in a tribute to the Olympics) a lady pole-vaulter bounces up and down on a chap making noises suggesting she's about to sneeze. It's all very stimulating.

I lie in bed having sex with the one I Woody Allan so perfectly put it.

Love & moistness Sadie

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