Thursday, September 02, 2004

Hey ho, back from beach and relaxing before bartending tonight. While I was 'off air' it was August Bank Holiday (a public holiday, for our American cousins, when it traditionally rains a lot on traffic jams). Brighton is, of course, a magnet at these times. The streets, lanes and bars are packed with visitors looking for liquor, life and lurrrrve.

Naturally I was also pursuing these attractions. One thing I noticed was that almost every woman under 30, and many who like me believe 35 is the new 25, were identically dressed. The colours, fabrics and cut may be different but the basic elements are the same - a short top, a bare midriff and low-slung pants.

Fashion is reputedly individual but in reality it is always sheeplike. We really don't want to stand out, we'd much rather fit in with everyone else. But apart from this my overall reaction was how laddish ladies are becoming.

On show over the weekend were unembarrasingly displayed beer bellies, love handles and builder's bum. I was doing overtime in the bar and couldn't believe how much time I spent looking down women's bum cracks. What are they thinking about? - I saw everything from tiny gaps to the Grand Canyon.

Now, I firmly believe that every woman is aware of what she's showing but possibly not how much of it is on display. I did a bit of bending in front of the mirror to check my crack display. Ok, there was a tiny, tiny bit but that's just being provocative - well that's my story anywy.

However my overall impression of the situation is how much sexier and sexual women in general are becoming. And that's good news for us all.

But on that subject I've got an hour or two to spare so I'm going to catch a bit of Daily Nudes.Com on my computer. Even a dirty old woman needs a mac!

Love & naughtiness Sadie

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