Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rude riding breeches and jodhpur japes

Bonjour, here I am, still in France and living on le pain et l’eau as my money is running out. I can’t even afford new clothes so that’s why I sitting here bare-assed naked in the lovely September sun whilst I type this on my mac. I’m alone, of course, my friends in France are absolutely lovely but a little straight so whilst they’re out for the day I get them out for the day, so to speak.

Their garden is beautiful, heavily scented and all greens, greys and orange autumnal blooms. And I’m lying on a blanket making revisions to my book and desperately trying to keep my blog up-to-date. The scene could an impressionist painting by Monet or Manet – ‘Le jardin et la femme avec la grande derriere’.

So what’s happened since my last post? Well, I (and Morgan, my co-writer back in England and hopefully fully clothed as he edits my stuff) have revised and refined a few chapters. As one of the book’s themes is sex I think it is important for authenticity that without my lover Ms Hastings I still keep my hand in.

And currently I’ve been keeping my hand in Madame Madge, my jodhpur-clad, Madonna–ish lookey-likey, chum. After our first afternoon of unbridled (gettit!) fun and games she went very quiet. Ah, that sensational sex with Sadie side effect, I thought…complete revulsion. But no, I got a phone call saying she’d been in Paris with her boyfriend and now she was back and did I fancy a ride.

She meant on a horse, you dirty-minded people. So I turned up at the stable looking forward to some healthy excise astride a filly. I mentioned in my last post about the effect of my first sight of her bum in her skin-tight jodhpurs. Well, breeches buffs that’s exactly what her lower half was thinly encased in when I showed up at the stables.

We rode off, and because she was an owner I was allowed out on a subdued beast with her and without the usual riding school line up. Well, my pervy friends, I trotted along behind her watching her behind bouncing in the saddle. She knew about my ‘jodhpur thing’ and occasionally she’d look around and give me a sexy smile – teasing tart that she was.

It was a hot day and after a sweaty gallop she stopped at the top of a hill and tied her horse to a branch. This was obviously a familiar place for her and was, actually, a perfect place to get familiar.

She turned and smirked at me. I secured my horse and then secured my hands around her waist. We kissed, my hands moved inevitably to her arse and I gave those jodhpurs a little jigging.

Her shirt came off easily and her big nipples rose in the autumn air. She was a little nervous as this was a popular bridle path but the tension was a stimulant and she didn’t protest as her jodhpurs were jerked down.

I finger fucked her there in the September sun with her breeches round her knees and her boots splayed and her mouth gasping.

This is the joy of lesbian sex. I’ve discovered it fairly recently but Madame Madge has known the secret though one marriage and, now, an engagement with her man in Paris. It’s sexy, it’s very, very satisfying but above all it’s safe.

I’m her latest lady lover. However, I know my place, which is under her, on top of her or on her face but, most importantly, completely out of the way. It’s an unspoken understanding and we both enjoy it totally.

After our fun the jodhpurs slipped up over that delicious bum and we rode back. Since then, I’ve been invited around to her house for tea and sensuality and naked in her bed, I’ve enjoyed every aspect of the ‘entente cordial’.

Although I think the J-thing is a lot of fun I’m not really into sexy clothing (apart from knickers). However on putting 'jodhpurs' into ‘Google’ I was surprised by the abundance of breeches sites. is a British site that is hilarious. Sturdy county girls at shows in bulging breeches are secretly photographed and are unaware that their arses are being admired on a pervy sites. However the best site is one who’s name I’ve forgotten and I can’t find again (old age and masturbation effecting my memory I expect). However on this site typical porny females in breeches and boots pretend to be English ladies and have extraordinary names like Lady Camilla Windermere or the Honourable Arabella Wellington. These aristocratic fillies then whip men or ride them around their ‘grounds’. Only in England – trust us to mix class with arse.

Speaking of which mine is getting burnt. So au revoir from my blog aand back to the book.

Love & Kisses Sadie


Don said...

I bet you're even sexier in person. Damn.

Sadie Dark said...

Dear Don,

You are so nice. But I do have an aura I'm told (and no it isn't the horse)

Love & kisses all over Sadie xxxxx

Anonymous said...

That site would be

Sadie Dark said...

Thank you anon,

Hilarious site - I love it.

Lady Sadie Fuckingham-Palace