Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here's to a little 20tenderness.

Well the statuary six months has passed since my last posting and I'm sure sorry seems the hardest word for my blog friends to understand.

So let me get it out of the way: Brighton, sun, rain, sex, no-sex, France, rain, friend ill so Sadie's been a nurse* since September, not much book writing, family troubles, not much hot bed action, not much news - thank you and fuck off 2009!

* I can't believe many of my readers wouldn't have paused for a second or two at the nurse reference, dirty boys and girls. But yes, whilst I administered to my patient I naturally wore the standard nurse's uniform: a low cut,bursting-out blue top with watch hanging from my tit, a tiny frilly apron and a blue miniskirt. As I bent over to remove the chamber pot everyone in the room was rewarded with a view of my tiny white knickers and many a injection was mistakingly placed into a patient's arse. Oooooooh matron!

So what does the new year mean to me? Easy, I'VE GOT TO FINISH MY FUCKING BOOK!!!!!!

I'm actually almost at the end. I've been re-doing bits and that's held me up. Morgan's been phenominally busy and we haven't had much chance to meet up and work. The last chapters are supposed to describe "The fuck of the century". The century is only nine years old so this isn't a great overclaim but it is naturally taking some effort to keep out these pages out of the "Bad Sex Literary awards".

Speaking of writing and sex I recently read a piece in the Sunday Times that said lesbianism was getting more open. Well the writer has obviously never been to some Brighton pubs and clubs on a Saturday night. Talk about open - jean flies are gaping wide as are the pink lady curtains and naughty fingers are playing a girl's favourite game. But back to the article, it was suggesting that more famous lady lovers were making their preferences public. This included Alison Goldfrapp, Mary Portas, Jeanette Winterson and Susie Orbach.

Well Dear, we've all known about them for ages and there are several more famous actresses, writers and singers who haven't been quite as up front about their girly front bottom fun. I could name them but Blogger might disappear under the libel actions and, anyway, it's supposed to the time for good cheer to all men (and women).

So, apart fom my resolution to write a more regular blogs AND FINISH MY BOOK it's now time to wish you all a fantastic, fun-filled, fuck-filled New Year.

Love & Kisses Sadie


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Different strokes from different folks where was I? Oh yes that's right it was January and now it's June (sounds a bit like a song). But sadly the only song my lack of blog writing evokes is 'Sorry'.

I won't bore you with my usual excuses, time, book-writing, personal disasters etc etc but I ask for your forgiveness and request suitable punishment for my tardiness. In fact, I'll present my metaphorical bum to you, drop my pants and let you deliver a merciless metaphorical thrashing.

Feel better? Good. So now let's get on with revealing the dark places I've delved into over the past few months. Well, first there's my mind. Over the course of researching my book I've viewed and read about, but mostly I've experienced, some of the most extraordinary scenes of hanky panky with a lot of spanky added in. And now my head is overstuffed with images and sounds of what human beings will do for spiritual and sexual satisfaction. Most of this, I’m pleased to say is being channelled into my writing – but my god, is there nothing people won’t do for an orgasm?

When I started out on my ‘journey’ I was a recently divorced straight woman. Well, I was certainly divorced from the ‘scene’ (as us BDSM buddies call it). But now…!!

Well, you’ve hopefully read what I’ve got up to (and down to) over the past year or so. So briefly have I added any new ‘dark places’ to my pervy portfolio?

Nothing totally outrageous I’m sorry to report. I’m still ‘single’ with no permanent girlfriend, just the ones I meet in the café I mentioned in another blog.

I visit this once or twice a week. The form for Ladies who wish to Lunch on other Ladies is simple. You sit at a table on your own or go to a table with a single woman (of the right age etc) and you say, or the newcomer says “Is this chair free?” or something politely British.

Then you sit for a while before you speak (we aren’t Americans you know). Then you smile and she smiles and you start chatting. About 7 times out of 10 this is as far as it goes and the conversation is just a ‘girly chat’ that inevitably turns to what a bastard her boyfriend/ husband is.

But occasionally there’s something in the look she’s giving you and you try to return it. The conversation turns to clubs where girls go or she comments on your jeans in a frankly intimate way, or she gives you a rather sexual lookover when you return from the loo and you’re on. “ Let’s go back to my flat for another coffee/ look at my clothes/ books or whatever you’ve been talking about” you/she says and you leave together.

The last woman I met here was Christelle, early 40’s, black and very elegant. When we got back to my flat we kissed passionately as we sat on my sofa. She was married, wasn’t being ‘totally satisfied’, went on a training course for something or other and learnt what she’d been missing from a fellow student. As a ‘happily’ married woman with young kids she had to be discrete so it was perhaps unfortunate that she ended up with a blabbermouth blogger like me.

I’m fine with the kissing but there have been times that this is all my afternoon affairs have wanted. Kissing and cuddling, ahhhh, nice but well…it doesn’t quite hit the G spot for me. So to test Christelle out I slipped off my t-shirt and showed off my sexy black bra as I tongued her mouth. Her hands were all over my bare body and then they were unclipping my bra and then her kisses were all over my tits. That’s more like it!

It was time to reveal more about Christelle and I pulled her smart silk top over her head. She was wearing a white sports bra that looked amazing against her toned and polished skin. Off came her skirt and now I could peruse her pants. I always like this moment, it tells you so much about a woman. Her knickers were plain cotton, white and beautifully cut. She unhooked her bra as I slid off my jeans. Her tits were quite small but the nipples were huge (a great look I think) and I had a great look then a great feel and then I was sucking on them. Christelle gasped and her legs gaped in her excitement. Her pants stretched over and subtly indicated her hot spot and my fingers traced the sexy material.

Chistelle wasn’t a wild woman and our play was dignified. Well as dignified as two naked women rolling on the floor with their fingers up each other will ever be. She sweated freely in her excitement and I just loved the feel of her gleaming seal-like body. Her bum was generous – well it kindly let me do anything I wanted to it.

And then it was over. And she lay breathless on the sofa whilst I made a cup of coffee. We then sat thereon the sofa, two naked Englishwomen, smelling of sex, sipping coffee and talking about the shop where she’d bought her pants. Only in Brighton!!!

So life goes on. However there was one ‘dark place’ that I never imagined I’d be investigating and that’s in a man’s underpants.

I loved fucking men for the first part of my life, until it became ‘fucking men’. Or man in my case and then Act 2 has been ‘women only’. Not because I became a man-hater (some of my best friends etc) or didn’t get offers it was just what did or didn’t turn me on I suppose.

So when I was out one Friday morning running along the promenade I didn’t expect to run into a brief life-change. In fact, it ran past me, a man intent on doing man-like things jogged past, turned to look at me and then powered on up the road. He was in his 30’s, looked fit in his sweat shirt and shorts, nice smile, nice bum, nice legs and then nicely forgotten. Until I, now walking to relax a bit, turned a corner and he was standing, one leg on the bench, stretching his calf muscles.

“Hi” he said, mid-stretch, “great day for it”. Not the most promising opening line to a romance but actually true in an entirely different way to what he’d intended.

“Hi” I replied and walked on but now he was walking beside me.

Now, modestly (ha ha) I must admit I was looking pretty good. I’d lost several pounds at the gym, gained a good all-over tan on the beach and was in a nipple popping T-shirt and bum hugging latex shorts.

I love latex but it didn’t usually love my lumps and bumps. But now it clung to my newly fashioned curves like a lover’s hand. There was even a merest hint of cameltoe to complete the celebration of Sadie’s sexiness.

So, I wasn’t surprised that I’d got Rod’s attention (that’s not his name but I think it’s quite funny, I also thought of calling him Roger). We walked along talking about the weather, the promenade and, hey, he was very witty and charming and when he suggested stopping for a cup of tea it would have been a hard arsed old ladylicker who would have said no.

He was in town for a week long convention, he said. Then off we went again…blah, blah, blah, Brighton, blah, blah, blah my job, blah, blah, blah his job, blah, blah, blah, on his own tonight…then, a long lingering look at my latex sculpted bum as I went to the loo (I could see his reflection in the café window) and a careful attempt not to stare too hard and my tits and ‘toe as I came back.

Then he invited me to dinner and I said ‘yes’ knowing a fuck was definitely on the menu. So why? you’re thinking, if it’s so easy for a man to get into Sadie’s pants why has it taken this long?

Well like most things it’s a conjunction of elements. First, it was a spur of the moment ‘why not’ (he was fit and funny). Then, it was because I’ve come to the bit in my book where some good straight hetero humping is a plot necessity and I though I might be a little out-of-touch on cock culture. And then I have no partner so ‘why not’ again?

So, drinks, meal, chat, laughter, back to hotel for ‘nightcap’ and up to room.

I decided to play the straight women. So much so that when he unzipped my skirt and it fell to the floor revealing my best pants, I looked shocked when he jokingly said he was hoping I’d be in my latex shorts. “Ooooh kinky are you” I gushed (privately thinking that the last time I’d seen latex pants in a sexual situation they were unzipped across the cunt and the owner was getting a purple dildo up her arse)

Then Rod’s rod appeared and play began. He did all the modern man things, sucking me snd tickling my clit and then to prove he’d watched some porn on his conference hotel TV he bent my legs right back and fucked me from above. ( 9 out of 10)

We met up, went to films and fucked for the rest of his week. And then he fucked off saying he’d be back and I must see him in Birmingham (where he lived). But I expect he was going back to his wife so no “au revoir Rod”.

But life goes on. I have my inspiration for my book and when I’ve finished this I’ll be going back to the table in the café waiting for some women to say “Is this seat taken”. The answer is No and neither is mine yet.

Love and kisses Sadie xxxxxx

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Did I wish you all a Merry Christmas? Thought not - sorry.

Anyway 'Merry' is just about the most inappropriate word to describe anything at the moment. "Ho-Ho-Ho" isn't any better, it's probably only bankers who can manage this as they open their bonus envelope or maybe a stutterer trying to say "horrid"

No, like most of you I expect Xmas 2008 seemed a bit of a XXXXmas to me. However it's now 2009 and I'm determined to be optimistic.

We're hoping to finish the book. It's on its third revise but who knows. People (not publishers sadly) but Brighton litocracy have been kind about the bits we've let them read and a little shocked - so that's promising.

The weather's been brilliant. Icy cold but with an icy blue sky, perfect weather for walking the dog (a friend's). And stalking some pussy!

Sorry to lower the tone. But then that's what you're all hoping I'll do - and I never let you down. I'm still on my own, not even a card from my ex. So what does a modern single Brighton woman in possession of a fairly decent arse do?

Well she could do worse than drop into a cafe along Brighton's Prom, I'm not saying which to prevent any loonies showing up (not that I'm suggesting loonies read my blog) but it's better to be careful. In amongst the vanilla and gay male couples there are always a couple of women on their own reading magazines and lingering over a cup of coffee.

Because this cafe has become infamous on the scene as a bit of a girlie's gaffe, a dyke's diner or a babe's bistro. There's a couple of pubs that have the same 'pick-up' personality but they've always been a bit butch for me.

So I popped in, and guess what? Less than two hours later an attractive Swede was popping her tongue down my throat in a nearly hotel room. It isn't always like this, of course, sometimes you just don't fancy anyone or you just have a chat and leave alone. But it was first time lucky for me, Eva was an early Christmas present and she unwrapped beautifully.

We chatted, then flirted, then Eva, who was visiting friends in Sussex, suggested a proper drink at her hotel but I was hoping for a pink lady instead. I experienced that amazing excitement as we left the lift and she walked ahead of me. I was imagining her naked, my hands on her sexy bum and my lips nibbling her big tits - Eva was healthily built.

Eva liked foreplay. So she kept us in our underwear for some time kissing and fumbling. I find this cool for a time but I'm impatient to heat things up a bit. Finally Eva's knickers came off and I tasted Swede for the first time. We both knew that this wasn't the beginning of a relationship, it was a one-afternoon affair at most. So we didn't waste time on love we went straight to the chase. The object was to give each other as much pleasure as womanly possible.

Eva liked biting and being bitten - I could barely sit down for days afterwards. It was brilliant, very hot fucking on a cold December day. Later, we showered together, put on each other's knickers, and finally had that drink in the hotel bar. Then it was goodbye Eva.

So now once or twice a week I drop in for a coffee at the 'Come on' cafe. 2008 ended on a naughty note and lets hope I get on fine in 2009.

I also wish you get everything you're looking for in the New Year.

Love and kisses Sadie xxxxx