Friday, September 28, 2012

Can fucking be funny?


Here's a thought: can or should the act of love raise a laugh? Of course we know it happens all the time in real life. Sex is full of funny noises from piggy grunts to full blown fanny serenades. And what about those ridiculous 'ass over elbow' positions we find ourselves in? Let's admit it, we've all got the giggles between the sheets, even during the most passionate shagging.

But what if it was happening between the sheets of a book? Can eruptions of laughter be combined with erotic writing? Many would say no and would use examples of the great classics. There aren't any (intentional) laughs in Venus in Furs, Fanny Hill, The Story of O etc. Well no, but surely it's possible to poke a bit of fun into porn. Putting books aside for the moment look at porn videos(go on,I know you do!). Everyone in them is very serious while they're seriously at it but just imagine if you added some inappropriate music or sounds to those 10 minute epics on Xhamster, Red Tube and Xvideos. A slice of the 'Benny Hill' theme, for instance, would really cheer up those relentless group sex gropings. And pop a 'squeaky door' sound onto a furious pumping scene and it would be hard not to smirk.

So why can't literary fucking be funny? My book 'Felicity Does Fetish' tries to do this and I think it works (of course I would, wouldn't I?). After all most aspects of life from birth to death, including murder, adultery and war, have have been humorously treated by authors throughout the centuries so why not 'the act'? Well, I've given it my best and you can judge for yourself when it's published...

...did I say 'when'? I should really have said 'if' because, at the moment, it seems unlikely to be gracing Amazon or Waterstone's unless I self-publish. Keeping to the subject of humour trying to get published is definitely unfunny. I'm on a website that helps new authors and they list the names of literary agents. They also ask writers to review how these companies treated them. The responses are split into 'negative' and 'positive'. Well you can guess the negative ones but the positive reviews amused me. 99% of them congratulated the agents for turning them down - politely! However I'm not giving up until I get that orgasmic grunt of success. Back soon.

Love & kisses Sadie xxxx

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Susan's Secret Night Out. Her friends wouldn't believe what she gets up to!

Fun Sexy Erotica - Susan's Secret Night Out

Well, well I'm soooo pleased. This is my first short story published on the deliciously sexy Oysters & Chocolate website run by the deliciously sexy Jordan and Samantha. If this gives you a taste for absolute naughtiness you must try some of the other decadent delicacies on O&C. I couldn't stop reading, but then I'm a greedy girl.

Love & kisses Sadie xxxx