Monday, February 20, 2006

It’s been a shit time for Sadie

I have a rather unsociable habit of ‘disappearing’ when times are bad. My friends have now either understood this or learnt to cope with it. And everyone else must think I’m just rude (who me?). Sorry, but that’s why there’s been no blog, stories or replies to your kind e-mails.

The last week or two has been a crap time for me as I’ve been producing so much of it. In fact, it’s been a copraphiliac’s dream.

I’ve had some fluey, feverish, stomach-loosening, generally sweaty and very unattractive sort of bug – but I’ve lost a bit of flab around the belly and bum so it’s not bad.

However, I’ve taken to my bed and shut the curtains and moaned quietly and generally shunned contact with human beings. Fortunately Jane my girlfriend has been a perfect little Florence Nightingale (she was gay too according to some recent book, but then that hairstyle gives it away really)

Jane has always been a good nurse – she’s so expert at taking my temperature with just her finger! But it must have been hellish dealing with this moaning lump under the duvet or on the loo. But hey, that’s love.

I’m not that much better so that’s why this is so short. When I’ve finished it I’ll be back in bed snuggled up with my favourite guy – Jack Daniels.

Love and groans. Sadie xxx