Tuesday, May 08, 2012


There’s been a lot of talk recently about preventing kids accessing porn on the Internet. A whole orgasm of serious ‘glasses and no make-up’ sexperts and several publicity seeking MP’s have been pressing to change the way Internet Providers offer safeguards.

Currently parents can decide to block porn sites if they wish and the providers give them ‘button’s’ to do this. The Nanny No-funs want porn sites to be automatically blocked by the Internet providing companies so that adults have to apply (and give information) so that they can be ‘given’ access by their provider.

Now this has undertones of Big Brother (and I mean the Orwell version, of course). I’m sure PC Plod when they’re not ignoring burglaries will be interested in these details. As will employers, news organizations and god know who else? Fortunately, providers like BT are currently saying “No”.

So fascist states apart, what’s my problem. Well, like most sensible people, I’m obviously against underage sex, pedophiles and real violence on the Internet. But is sex the worst thing we can let children watch? Just look at what parents let them see on the cinema and TV.

Why is a man sticking his cock in a woman bad, but a man sticking a knife into a woman ok? Now I know the latter is acting but today the simulation is so good. Gruesome killing, torture, blood, gore, corpses etc are on most multi-plexes most weeks and the kids love them. Most TV schedules are packed with cop shows, dull procedures spiced with bodies and serial killers. And what’s this fascination with forensics all about? Naked corpses on slabs, body parts in ‘butcher shop detail’ and more obscene deaths yet Silent Witness etc is extremely popular with sensible adults, most parents, who probably don’t mind their kids watching with them. My friends think ‘Dexter’ is great. He’s a twisted serial killer who cuts up other serial killers. “What are you thinking?” I say. “Oh it’s so funny” they say. Well I think it’s them that’s a bit funny!

But it’s not this perverse viewing that’s being regulated it’s the naughty stuff. It denigrates women they say. Well tell that to the millions of women around the world who get a healthy thrill watching porn with their partners. It’s the perfect little bit of titillation before the ‘act’, so to speak. Of course, anything that becomes an obsession is a bit worrying but like food and drink most people can regulate their porn consumption without too much trouble.

And unlike Hollywood and TV Porn is in no way age, race or body conscious. Apart from the plastic people and the muscle mary’s, there are old, fat, thin, black, Asian…the list of shape, size and colours goes on and on and I haven’t go round to genders yet.

So people have choice. If you feel the ‘adult professionals’ are being exploited watch amateur stuff. Everybody wants to be famous fuckers (for 15 minutes, if you’re lucky girls!)
Porn’s been around for millenniums and unlike the other P’s, power, priests, possessions and politics no one’s been massacred over it. So please regulators, leave porn alone and focus on the real dangers to our kids – snack manufacturers, booze companies and Justin Bieber!

Love & kisses Sadie (just about to have a peep at Xhamster) xxxx