Sunday, December 24, 2006

Santa's coming but Sadie isn't

I ate my Christmas pudding on Saturday…

…and she was lovely. Yes, my cuddly lover Ms Hastings and I had a fantastic day. We did a bit of festive shopping, then some festive swigging in Charles St then it was back to my place for a bit of festive fffffff- (ok I’ll call it frolicking as it’s Christmas)

But now she’s back with her husband for the next few big days and I’m on my xxxxing own for Xmas. Ok, ok, I know that’s what happens if you choose to get mixed up with the married but such smug lecturing doesn’t make me feel more guilty or less desolate.

Of course, I’m having Christmas lunch with friends, but most of them are couples (of all genders) and, at the finish of the day, they go home together and I end up watching the fucking Snowman or something on TV with just my imagination for company and my fingers, of course. But in a time of love and giving, that doesn’t feel very appropriate – you can’t imagine Bing singing, “I’m dreaming of a wanking Christmas’ can you?

Perhaps I’ll get on with my book, a bit of angst never did most great writers any harm I suppose. I bet Ibsen and Graham Greene and Saul Bellow got pretty pissed at Christmas time so I too will channel my pain into my pages.

Fuck, I shouldn’t have drunk so much red wine today it always makes me gloomy…

Shmmmerrry Christmurrrrrrrrrse

Sadie xx


Simon John Parkin said...

Hope you had a good one Sadie. And Happy New Year an' all that too.
Can't wait to read yr book! Will you sign a copy for me?!

Sadie Dark said...

hey,gabs and lurchyboy

Knowing lovely guys like you are out there brings a sparkle to my Christmas balls. Have a peaceful, safe and very very sexy 2007.

Shankar Pandiath said...

Yo Sadie

Now isn't that somethin !

Wishin you and yours, the best [and anythin else...... just fill'er up] for 2007


Now those are some buns !!

Sadie Dark said...


Thank you for your kind wishes. Let's hope we both get our teeth into some some tasty buns in 2007.

Love Sadie

Pain said...

You have sooo been missed!

We wish you many thunderous orgasms and hot nights of raging wonder in 2007 on behalf of the staff and executive suite of The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork!

Sadie Dark said...

Thank you darling pain,

Best wishes for your constant fight against stupidity and injustice and may you also cum in bucketloads throughout 2007.

Love & Kisses Sadie