Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hot sunny sex on a rainy day

I'm sitting here staring out at the cold rain sweeping along the Brighton pavements and shoppers huddled like old women fighting the storm...

... but I'm dreaming of a hot sunny afternoon on the beach.

The woman passed me at this time every day on her walk up and down the beach. She idly paddled along the shore, a typical American mum, (but a bit of a Meg Ryan look-a-like) in her typical one piece bathing suit. I noticed her studying me as she passed by so I studied her too and liked what I saw. The first time our eyes met, she said "Hi" and carried on, I watched her go, she had a really nice bum. Next day she added 'How you doing?" The next time she stopped and said:

"Hot enough for you?"

"It's really a bit too hot" I replied. She was staring intently at my face, and my body. But that's what woman do so I didn't pay it much attention.

"You British?" she asked smiling

"I am, is it obvious?" I said to the eternal question when you open your mouth in the States"

"Cool, I just love your accent"

She came over and sat on the wooden fence that surrounded my beach house, just opposite to where I was relaxing on my lounger.

We talked of her trip to London, shopping, that sort of thing. And all the time her eyes were closely examining parts of my body. Then in that great straightforward way Americans have, she suddenly said:

"You're very brave wearing that bikini"

"Why?" I replied, a bit surprised at the sudden change in our chat.

"It's..." she raised her eyebrows, "it's...very revealing, you know?"

It was hot and I was feeling a little horny so I decided to make a pass. If it failed she'd go off in a huff but so what, I was going home in a couple of days.

'It probably is, but so's your one piece"

Now she was puzzled.

"How so?"

"Well Darling, your safe but tight fitting one piece is revealing the shape of your lovely tits, particular the nipples that are clearly pleased to see me. And your great ass is nicely defined and well, from how you're sitting, I can see the outlines of your pussy almost as if you were naked!"

"Oh" she said, a hand rather sweetly moving down to shield the plump rippled mound between her thighs.

I waited, smiling at her and cheekily licking my lips.

She got down from fence and stepped closer to me. She was smiling now.

"And do you like what you see?" she said teasingly.

"You bet" I whispered, reaching out and holding her hand.

"Well, what do you want to do about it honey?"

I smiled at her and licked my lips again, this time in an OTT way.

She laughed. "Well hun, I can see just about everything you've got...and I like it too"

I twisted around and opened my legs wide, so that my tiny bikini "V" barely covered my modesty. I can play the slut when I want too and I fancied corrupting this nice American mum. Meg's gaze was fixed on my flaps.

So I stood up, looked around and saw the beach was empty. Fuck, it was time to live and love a little more dangerously. So I unclipped my bra,undid the strings of my pouch and stood naked before Meg.

"Now you can see absolutely everything... so what are you going to do about it"

Meg looked around but when she was certain we were alone she relaxed a bit and got sassy again.

"I just love those white bits"

"Yea" I replied, "they clearly mark the fun places...I really love to see your white bits...wanna play?"

"Sure, but unlike you Brits, we're a bit old fashioned about these things so can we go inside?"

I turned and walked into my lounge area making sure I swung my ass provocatively.
Meg followed and stopped inside.

"Ok Sadie", she said, "let's do this but do you agree anything goes"

"Sure Darling, anything you want" I casually replied...oooops!

I didn't want to waste time so I locked my lips to her lips and my hands to her ass cheeks. Her hands wandered uncertainly up and down my back and finally decided on the white bits of my big bum. We kissed and groped for several minutes, then she broke away.

"Give me a minute honeybun"

"Sure Darling" I said, wondering why. Perhaps the excitement had affected her bladder or she wanted to 'freshen herself up' as our cousins say. I went looking for some wine so didn't notice the phone in her hand.

When she came back I decided it was time to get that one piece off.It had a tiny zip and was a bit of stretch over her hips but it soon hit the floor and she was naked too.

She had a much better colour than me which emphasized the tan lines. She'd obviously once worn much briefer swimwear as the white bits merely focused my attention on her very suckable nipples and that gorgeous V between her thigh. I turned her around, knelt down and kissed the white V across her ass crack, then I bit her and felt her jump.

"Oh God" she moaned. I spread her ass and my pink tongue sought out her pink bits.

"Oh my God" she cried out now and I wondered if I was going too fast. This could be her first time with a woman and I didn't want to come on like Vulvina, The Cannibal Queen of Lesbos! So I got up and sucked on her nipples and liked the salt off her tits like a good girl and Meg seemed to relax, and get turned on at the same time, so that was good.

She had a great sexy body created by the great US lifestyle, big healthy tits and a fantastic soft squeezable, bury-your-face-in ass. She was a tiny bit overweight (but that was sexy too) No doubt her cunt would be prime American meat too.

I was hoping to encourage her to start a feeding frenzy on me but she seemed content to let me make the pace. Ok, that could be fun too so it was time to get her lengthways.

I led her to the couch and pushed her back onto it. Then I buried my head between her thighs. Which was why I didn't hear Tom come in!

'Hi Honey"

"Hi Babe"

They had loud voices and that cut in over my sucking sounds. It was my turn to be shocked. I got up and found myself facing a man in shorts with a large camera case over his shoulder.

"Hi, Sadie, this is my husband Tom"

"What the fuck?" I said, losing my cool. But a woman caught mid-muff diving and now standing naked has lost all her authority.

"Look hun" said Meg, suddenly firm, and although also naked,rather in control,"we agreed anything goes, so I'm happy to do any fucking thing you have in long as Tom watches and, oh yes, films it, you don't mind do you?"

"Well, I..I.." I stammered, so goodbye Ms Cool Brit.

Meg came up and put an arm around me. Two naked woman having a conversation on the sofa whilst Tom set up his movie camera.

"Tom and I have a kind of open marriage if you know what I mean? I like a lot of things outside of, you know, husband/wife stuff. So we've done swingers parties, my girlfriends and me have had a couple of those big black guys in hotel rooms, you know? But although the girls and I have played around some I've never been with a real, you know, lesbian"

I was about to say "Excuse me, I'm not a lesbian I'm bi-sexual" but in this company and in my English accent it would have just sounded silly.

"Ok babe, I'm ready" said Tom.

And I saw I was looking at the critical eye of a Samsung something or other. Tom's words stirred Meg into action and she suddenly found my nipples fascinating.

"Suck on them baby" directed Tom.

Meg did as obeyed. Then Tom got closer and his ideas took off.

He filmed us in position 69. With Meg feasting on my asshole and me working away somewhere below her.

"Don't worry, Tom ensures your face won't be too obvious" Meg gasped reassuringly.

"Stick your tongue deep in her hole" Tom advised, then he devised a new scenario.

So I found my face now squashed under Meg's big soft butt and too think that's what first attracted me to her!

"Rub your cunt into her face, stop her breathing", Tom was getting excited. But Meg was a kinder person and for a second her ass cheeks moved off my face and I turned to breathe in deeply. Tom was very excited, a fact that was confirmed by the fat cock in his hand being vigorously agitated so I....

...I've stopped dreaming in my Brighton cafe and again focused on damp streets rather than damp sheets. I'm looking at my computer screen.

Gotta finish my story..

Love & Kisses Sadie xxx


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