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I've noticed that people accessing this blog are now met by this stern warning:Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe that this blog's content is objectionable They are then invited to press ahead fearlessly or run away screaming.

Cripes! Moi-objectionable? Louche perhaps, salacious maybe, a touch up the naughty side of the street you might say but something people might object to, like spitting in the street, Keira Knightley or beards? No that's just too too tearmaking!

So before I retire to sob quietly in my bedroom here's something I wrote for a fan site a year or so ago. It's about a dream, a well known and highly renowned singer/author/film director and lot's of healthy activity. What could possibly be objectionable about that?

Madonna’s Nude Massage by Sadie Dark

Last night I dreamed that I gave Madonna a massage. I work in a famous health and beauty salon in Knightsbridge. I've been there for two years and am one of their most experienced masseuse. I have famous clients and although I am very professional I have to admit that the sight of their naked bodies gives me a thrill, particularly the women.

I hear her before I see her. Her accent cuts through the posh English atmosphere.

"What the fuck is going on?"

"I'm sorry Madam…"

Now it's the voice of the manager,

"… but Claire has been involved a car accident on her way to work"

She's persistent: "But I always have Claire, shit! why wasn't I told?"

I hear the manager's voice calm and reassuring.

"It happened this morning, we couldn't reach your mobile and your PA said you had already left"

"Shit - now what am I going to do?"

I peek out of my room. She's standing there facing the manager. Her back is turned to me but I catch my breath.

Her hair, worn long, gleams as it falls down past her shoulders, my eyes move down, past her tight silk shirt to her bum, perfectly displayed in tight satin combat pants. Her hands rest aggressively on her hips and as she shifts the weight her bum cheeks move sensually beneath the thin fabric.

The manager catches sight of me and says something quietly. The beautiful hair starts to turn and one of the most famous faces in the world looks angrily in my direction.

The manager leads her over talking in her reassuring way.

"Sadie is one of London's leading masseurs. I'm sure you'll find her every bit as expert as Claire"

I'm looking nervous but I expect she's used to that in all the people she meets for the first time.

She's looking unimpressed. But the manager continues, delivering what she considers will be the most persuasive argument.

"Sadie has many other famous clients: Kate...Naomi...Gwyneth…and Britney books her solid whenever she's in town"

The beautiful eyes soften. She looks at her watch. Her luscious lips part into a hint of a smile. She looks at me, stares into my eyes, sees something she likes and then speaks:

"Ok, lets go"

She brushes past me into my small treatment room and I close the door She walks over to the table and leans provocatively against it.

Her lips are moist and gleaming. She folds her arms under her tits and her nipples press through her silk shirt. Her tight pants enhance her long legs and as she moves the fabric is caught suggestively in the V of her crotch. She speaks, in a rather teasing manner:

"OK Sadie, Claire knows what I like, how about you?”

"I have Claire's notes" I reply seriously. She smiles and says softly:

"OK let's begin"

I reach for a towel and indicate the dressing room. But she just laughs.

"I haven't got fucking time for all that"

With that she unbuttons her shirt and slips it off. She's wearing a plain white bra, simple but perfect when set against her toned, tanned flesh. She reaches behind her and the bra falls away. Her tits are stunning, still firm with big sexy nipples that are already aroused.

I'm breathless, desperately trying to say calm and professional. Of course, I've seen her naked, everybody has, in books, magazines and movies. But this is so different, she's just inches from me, I could almost reach out and touch her.

And, lets face it, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

She's very matter of fact. She slips off her trainers and unbuckles her belt. Then she slides the pants off. She straightens up to put the pants over a chair and gives me a view of her white thong. I can't take my eyes off the V shape, pure white against her tanned skin and filled out with her plump mound. For a second, I forget where I am and get that wonderful feeling between my thighs.

I come to and she's staring at me. She's giving me a quizzical smile that I'm sure many favoured men have witnessed - and maybe a few women.

But then she reaches down and the thong is off. She's almost completely shaved with just a thin 'landing strip' of pubic hair. She poses for a minute, her eyes are locked on mine and her lips still form that teasing smile. Then she sits up on the table, swings her legs over and lies back.

Completely naked, relaxed and waiting for me to give her a full body massage.

I have my own special blend of oil. I walk behind her and ask her to sit up. She slips a band over her hair and I begin to massage her shoulders. I pour the oil in my hands and work at the muscles. I'm good and within minutes she's sighing gently.

I take my time but soon I've finished her neck, shoulders and arms. She lies back and I carefully start on her face. I know every place to apply pressure and she's now totally relaxed. But my finger brushes her full lips, and they part, wet and succulent, I leave my finger there for less than a second, her eyes open and she's gazing intently at me. She smiles and then relaxes again and quietly speaks:

"I think you could be better than Claire"

"Thank you" I say feeling flustered. I need more oil so I go over to my case. As I bend to open it I hear a little giggle. Her voice sings out teasingly:

"Hey Sadie, you're a bit of a dark horse. You look so fucking proper in that fucking nurses' outfit"

I stand up and turn, looking puzzled. She's leaning over and smirking at me.

"But underneath that starchy outfit I can spy a naughty little thong...tell me your secrets Sadie" and she giggles again.

That bloody uniform, we're always complaining that you can see through it but the management (mostly male) don't care.

But then I look at her and see that she's flirting with me and, suddenly, I feel sexy. My tarty thongs have been my secret, my rebellion against the stiff atmosphere of the salon, and now I'm sharing it with...her.

I take more oil into my hands and cup her right tit. The nipple is unashamedly erect but, as I gently massage the taut skin around her pinky-brown circles, it seems to swell even more. The oil slowly dribbles down its length and I catch it between my finger and thumb and slide the oil off. As I gently pull on her nipple and release it I hear her sigh.

Now both her breasts glisten with oil. My hands mould them and pinch them and my thumbs circle the tips of her nipples.

Oil trickles between her tits and runs down over her belly. I lean across to catch it and my sleeve rubs against her skin. Her eyes jerk open.

"What the fuck was that? I'm getting really relaxed and then I feel that shit against my skin"

"I'm sorry" I say, trying unsuccessfully to roll my sleeve up.

She glares at me and snarls.

"I didn't pay to be rubbed down with fucking cheap cloth...take it off"


"Take the fucking thing off or I'm out of here"

I pause, think, then - what the hell? Just the slide of a zip and then the whole boring uniform slides to the floor. I have quite small tits so I don't wear a bra.

So, except for a pale pink thong with a little diamond above my arse crack I'm now standing there - naked in front of Madonna.

She looks me up and down and blows me an ironic kiss. Then giggling she turns over on the table so I can do her back.

I pour the oil into the little dip just above the rise of her buttocks. I smooth it over her back and work on the muscles. As I put my weight into digging deep into the tissue I lean across her and my nipples brush against her back. This happen several times, she wriggles with pleasure and the sensations in my nerve-endings almost cause me to lose concentration.

Now I'm covered in oil too - and sweat. Is it my strenuous actions or the proximity of my nude idol? I'm not sure but what happen next really gets me glowing.

I trickle oil into the crack of her arse. I watch her cheeks move sensually as the warm liquid reaches, first, her anus then the outer lips of her cunt. With the flat of my hand I massage first her right cheek then her left one. Her bum is firm and toned. The skin is beautifully elastic and my fingers dig into the soft rubbery flesh. I now manipulate each cheek and as they part I glimpse her tight pinky-brown arsehole.

The intimacy of this moment shocks me. This is a sight reserved for lovers and now it's mine. I feel moistness between my thighs, my thong feels tight, forcing apart the swelling lips of my cunt.

In the heat of this moment I forget what I'm supposed to be doing. My finger drenched in aromatic oil investigates the opening of her anus and within seconds is sucked in. I pump the finger slowly as the tight walls try to grip it.

She reacts, her buttocks clench, but then as my finger sinks deeper she relaxes and gives a long low moan. Lubricated with oil, I slip a second finger into her greedy arsehole and rhythmically fuck her.

Her cunt lips gleam. It could be oil but I'm sure it's juice. I can't believe it, little old me with my small tits, big bum and bandy legs - and I'm stimulating the sexiest woman on earth.

She moans again and her thighs part. Her cunt is totally beautifully and I'm drawn to it. I trace the edge of her lips with my thumb until I find the hood and reveal her clit. It rises to my touch as my thumb ever so gently massages it. I lean closer and closer and replace the sensation of my thumb with the touch of my tongue. My tongue bathes in her moist lusciousness, it finds her clit and teases it.

Her movements once languorous become more violent. She gasps and her buttocks squirm with pleasure. Then she turns over, her legs wide, her cunt thrown open to me. I move round to greedily gorge myself.

And then her hand moves upwards.

I feel it blunder up my oily legs, grab at my bum, then find its target between my legs. A rude finger forces my thong aside and slips up into my juicy cunt.

The sensation of pleasure forces me upright. I feel like I'm pivoting on her searching finger. But then she speaks huskily:

"Let's do 69, lets both have a fucking good time, 69 eh babe?"

I slip off my thong, walk around to the top of the table and climb on. Her gleaming brown body lies before me and it's all mine to enjoy. I kneel above her face and then lean forward towards her splayed legs.

As I go to bury myself in her cunt I sink down and my arse rests on her face. She grabs my cheeks and pulls them apart and her tongue tickles that place of ecstasy between my arsehole and my cunt. My tongue slips into her and her tongue slips up into me. Our oiled bodies move together then stretch, then tighten, while our moans intermingle as we lose ourselves in lust. And then the door opens.

Naked and exposed, we both look up. The door opens more and Cameron Diaz walks into the room. Dressed in a towelling robe, she stops and coolly surveys us. She smiles, lets her robe drop to the floor and steps towards the table…

...but that's another dream!

Sadie Dark ©

There, just a bit of fun. Fortunately Google take a very adult view to all this and cheers for them.

Back soon.

Love & Kisses Sadie xxxxx

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