Monday, September 13, 2004

My blog is buggered!

And I'm pretty blogged off. I'm typing this brief apology on a friend's computer because my Mac is unwell. I rang the Mac mender and he said bring it in, he then said "I think it's the hard disk, I can replace it but you'll lose everything - of course you've backed up haven't you?" Whoops, my silence told him that this was not the case. I think I heard his glasses steam up and his spots explode. Shit, all my writing is on it. My friend offers assistance and red wine. Be back soon

Love & prayers Sadie


Girl Friday said...
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D Rant Master said...

Hey if you need to know how to get your links to work come over to and look down a few posts I've put how to make a link step by step.

Girl Friday said...

Hi Sexy Sadie,
Hope you're finding blogging a little easier now and good luck. I like your stuff x