Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Sadie's back.

Hey, I'm blogging again and after the rain pissing down for weeks it's a beautiful sunny day in Brighton. I was really tempted to get on down to the nude beach, stretch out and catch Summer's dying rays. But, on second thoughts, I decided that the coastal sun can be deceptive and I didn't want sea breezes flapping my curtains.

So I joined my friend Ms Rude for lunch at Boardwalk. She not only picked up the bill (flogging paintings pays) but she also almost picked up the waitress. But that's Ms Rude, I'm not telling secrets because she admits to anyone that she's horny. In fact, that's underselling herself, actually she's hornier than a hornet's horn section playing the hornpipe in Hornchurch.

When people ask "what do lesbians actually do?" they should address this to Lady Rude. Then, if they've got an hour or two to spare, she could catalogue what she's actually done and who she did it too. Some day soon I must share a few of these insights into female behavioural patterns in my blog. However I will have be careful as I don't want Blogger prosecuted under USA obscenity laws!!

As the sancerre flowed so did our laughter. Rudy is also one of the funniest women I know. We get on so well that people assume we're lovers. But then most straight people, particularly the ones who wonder what we get up to, assume that gay people go at it like randy rabbits whenever we get the chance.

I blame gay blokes. I know most live discreet ordinary lives (apart from the fisting and nipple clamps!!) but they're not the ones on the gay dating sites, in clubs, or in the mags that personify gayness as one long search for a surreptitious shag. You get the impression that on meeting someone for the first time they shake each other's cock rather than hand.

As for us lezzy ladies, well we're pretty normal too. Ms Rude and I are definitely friends not lovers, in spite of getting pissed together, dancing together and, of course, her seeing me stark naked countless times...ah yes, that'll be the reason then!

Love & cellulite Sadie

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